Our foundation

The goal is based on skilled and motivated employees and contractors with special expertise in forging craftsmanship combined with knowledge, expertise and a flexible and adaptable production.

Employees Well-being

Our employees are one of GA Rustfri’s most important assets, and therefore we prioritise job satisfaction high. This means that we have a permanent group of employees, who work together as a team for a common goal.

Delivery ON Time

Our goal and desire is that GA Rustfri’s customers will experience that the quality of our products and services is a match to their needs and specifications, and that projects are delivered on time and to the correct price. These requirements are among other things met through dialogue and advice as well as showing care executing the tasks.

Our vision

It is our goal - through a targeted effort composed of technical ability, organizational skill and leadership - to be a leading company within our product and competence area, and thus be the customers' preferred supplier in the field.

Our mission

GA Rustfri is an advanced metal work company that sells, manufactures and installs advanced products and solutions for process equipment to the industry.

Visit us

You are always welcome to visit our company. Call and arrange a no-obligation meeting.

Nordholmen 5
DK-2650 Hvidovre

T: +45 43 57 20 00
F: +45 43 57 20 09
E: ga-rustfri@ga-rustfri.dk

Advanced Process Plants and Installations

”Are you looking for an industrial partner who carries out advanced tasks in the form of process equipment, pipe installations and process plants in both Denmark and the rest of the world?”


GA Rustfri is an industrial partner who performs advanced forging tasks for industrial companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

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Nordholmen 5, DK-2650 Hvidovre

CVR/VAT number: 16778095

EAN number: 5790002651540