Qualifying Facilities and Installations

We have directed our project quality assurance for validated plants and installations, so that the actual quality can be demonstrated by all of the areas and processes covered by both the existing regulatory environment, customer specifications and international regulatory requirements.

Prefabrication ensures quality

An important element in guaranteeing the quality of Your project is to the extent possible pre-fabrication of Your plants and components in our workshop halls. At our workshop we have machines, equipment and production facilities, not always available on site.

FAT og SAT reports

On all installations a FAT Report is made. FAT is specific for each project. The documentation scope varies from project to project.

When your plants is installed, or new utility- and distribution systems need to be established on site, all requirements also have to be verified and documented. On site all activities are documented in a SAT Report.

For both FAT and SAT a FAT/SAT protocol is worked out during testing and reporting, which is finally documented in a FAT/SAT report. These tests are important milestones in all our projects.

With a high degree of pre- and serial fabrication GA Rustfri can carry out demanding and complex assembly tasks anywhere in the world, without compromising the quality. GA Rustfri guarantees the highest quality and precision.

With us you get documentation

Our documentation package contains:

  • DQ (Design Qualification)
  • IQ (Installation Qualification)
  • OQ (Operational Qualification)
  • Attendance at the customer during PQ (Performance Qualification)

All the above is done using different FAT and SAT activities. (FAT = Factory Accepttance Test/SAT = Site Acceptance Test)


GA Rustfri is an industrial partner who performs advanced forging tasks for industrial companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

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