Installation and assembly

As a main contractor or subcontractor, GA Rustfri offers all types of assembly and installation tasks associated with industrial plants and distribution systems. 

Piping- and process installation is one of GA Rustfri’s core competencies. This includes specification, design, installation, erection, testing, insulation and commissioning of the installation. Tank- and piping projects, which are subject to FDA approvals, are typical tasks we perform for our customers.

You get access to our core competencies

Our supervisors, fitters and certified welders work globally. We bring mobile installation teams, as a total site setup and on larger sites we can include containers for storage, workshop and test facilities and personnel- and office modules as part of our scope.

All GA Rustfri’s skilled fitters are certified, highly competent and trained in GTP and GDP (Good Testing Practices / Good Documentation Practices).

When outsourcing is an option

Assembly and welding tasks can also be offered on a contract basis or as outsourcing of manpower and know-how. See more under outsourcing.


Pipe and process installations can be performed in all stainless materials (aluminium, austenitic steel W1.4301 to 1.4571, duplex SAF2205-2507, high grade alloys 904L-SMO254, heat resistant 253MA, titanium, CuNiFe (Cunifer)).
Furthermore, we offer certified welders in plastics- PVC / PP / PVDF, and steel welding (steam plant ST33-35.8) to provide typical sub-tasks in connection with the stainless steel main tasks.

Typical installation tasks

  • Installation of freeze-drying plants and autoclaves
  • Distribution systems for qualified water (PTW, PW, WFI)
  • Distribution systems for qualified gas (O², CO², N²)
  • Clean steam systems (CS/PS, Clean Steam/Pure Steam)
  • Product, CIP/SIP, detergent, acid and base lines etc.
  • Feeding systems for powder treatment
  • Process installations for acidic/hydroxide environments –salt water, different chemical liquids and other corrodents.


GA Rustfri is an industrial partner who performs advanced forging tasks for industrial companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

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