We work with safety by:

  • Defining security policies, which are revised every 3 year, see Risk assessment for G.A. Rustfri A/S
  • Developing and training our employees within the health and safety policy areas
  • Developing and maintaining equipment and systems that comply with rules and regulations regarding health and safety of our employees' working conditions
  • Ensuring that all products shipped to the market comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensuring that all required approvals are carried out and that products are labelled correct
  • Documenting tests and results achieved within the area of health and safety
  • Ensuring the delegation of responsibility and authority in order to comply with security policies described in the Quality Manual and implemented in GA Rustfri A/S.

We never compromise on safety!


GA Rustfri is an industrial partner who performs advanced forging tasks for industrial companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

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Nordholmen 5, DK-2650 Hvidovre

CVR/VAT number: 16778095

EAN number: 5790002651540